Control Language Programming for IBM i

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Covering the basics of Control Language (CL) programming as well as the latest CL features?including new structured-programming capabilities, file-processing enhancements, and the Integrated Language Environment?this resource is geared towards students learning CL. The book guides readers towards a professional grasp of CL techniques, introducing complex processes and concepts through review questions, hands-on exercises, and programming assignments that reinforce each chapter’s contents. In addition to 25 chapters that cover CL from start to finish, a comprehensive appendix with condensed references to the most commonly used CL commands is also included along with two additional appendices that cover the essentials of programming tools and debugging.

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Titre : Control Language Programming for IBM i
Auteurs : Buck, Jim -  Meyers, Bryan - 
Éditeur : Mc Press
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Informatique
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Date de publication : 2014/11/02
ISBN : 9781583476079
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