Ace the SAT Writing Even If You Hate to Write

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From the seemingly hopeless to the almost perfect, high school students will learn how to master the timed essay in this guide to the SAT's writing portion. Based on the premise that timed writing is a skill that anyone can learn, this handbook breaks down the essay-writing process into an easily mastered regimen that includes brainstorming, writing an outline, and time-management strategies. Forty mediocre sample essays are analyzed, improved, and scored to help students recognize what graders look for and understand how to improve their own writing while three full practice tests are accompanied by complete explanations of each answer. In a detailed question-and-answer section, top tutors and former SAT graders share their thoughts on what they like to see in an essay and give advice on creating the strongest piece. A basic overview of grammar and vocabulary and handy writing shortcuts are included as well as a new section on how to prepare when students only have a month to study.

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Titre : Ace the SAT Writing Even If You Hate to Write
Auteur : Orr, Tamra B.
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Date de publication : 2014/11/02
ISBN : 9781932662931
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