Build Your Own App for Fun and Profit

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ISBN : 9781937589165

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Aimed squarely at the entrepreneur who knows little about mobile applications but is eager to know more, this primer explains in simple language this fast-growing segment of the world economy. The burgeoning smartphone and tablet market presents opportunities and new income streams for enterprising business managers. Avoiding jargon and technical language, the basics of mobile web applications are explained, and practical advice about using open-access development tools such as PhoneGap are discussed. A sample app is developed through the course of the book, providing a handy model for the reader. Even rookie developers with no programming experience will be able to create effective mobile applications using this handy introduction to a thriving billion-dollar industry.

Titre : Build Your Own App for Fun and Profit
Auteur : La Counte, Scott
Éditeur : Huron Street Press
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Informatique
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 104
Date de publication : 2014/11/02
ISBN : 9781937589165
Code Prologue : N0048025
Prix ePub : 10,99 $