Advanced Integrated RPG

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Written for experienced RPG programmers who want to take advantage of the latest technologies?such as Excel spreadsheets, Adobe files, and e-mail?from within their existing applications without buying costly software, this manual illustrates how to integrate RPG and Java in easy-to-understand code and with cost-effective options. Currently, there exists a very distinct line of expertise between IBM I programmers and Windows and Internet programmers, and this reference breaks through those obstacles to show common development tools for sharing information and building more compatible interfaces. Filling a very crucial gap, this resource shows programmers how to automatically e-mail reports using RPG and JavaMail, how to embed SQL and create text and XML files from within RPG, and how to migrate existing green-bar reports to Excel spreadsheets. An essential reference, this guide covers hard-to-find yet crucial information and introduces RPG programmers to modern environments.

Titre : Advanced Integrated RPG
Auteur : Snyder, Thomas
Éditeur : Mc Press
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Informatique
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 400
Date de publication : 2014/11/06
ISBN : 9781583476215
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Prix ePub : 39,99 $