Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah

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In this witty and compelling tale of how the nation’s first and only Jewish Celebration beer came to fruition, founder Jeremy Cowan tells the story of Shmaltz Brewing’s evolution from an inside joke into a thriving and award-winning craft brewing company. Divulged are the small-business challenges and marketing strategies that helped Cowan go from hand-squeezing pomegranates and delivering beer in his grandmother’s Volvo to producing two of the most respected and unique craft beer brands in America: He'brew the Chosen Beer and Coney Island Craft Lagers. Included alongside the sage advice for entrepreneurs and the humorous personal anecdotes are suggested beer pairings for each chapter, a hangover rating system, and 16 pages of full-color photograph collages.

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Titre : Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah
Auteurs : Cowan, Jeremy -  Sullivan, James - 
Éditeur : IPG
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Affaires et économie
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 368
Date de publication : 2014/12/17
ISBN : 9780982932544
Code Prologue : N0046183
Prix PDF : 12,99 $