A Simple Guide to iPhone 5

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ISBN : 9781941311226

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From basics such as voice mail, text messaging, and GPS to the newest and coolest apps, this straightforward user’s guide helps readers customize their iPhone 5 for optimum productivity and fun. The book discusses how to customize home and lock screens and ring tones, take pictures and video, and use the App Store, while explaining the nuances of functions that help maximize readers’ business and personal time. The impressive capabilities of the iPhone 5 are laid bare in this engaging manual.

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Titre : A Simple Guide to iPhone 5
Auteur : Lett, Mary
Éditeur : Luminis Books, Inc.
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Informatique
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 150
Date de publication : 2014/11/04
ISBN : 9781941311226
Code Prologue : N0049675
Prix ePub : 7,99 $