A Field Guide to Office Technology

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With more than 160 entries detailing everything from the junk buried in desk drawers to that mysterious box blinking away in the coat closet, this practical guide navigates through modern office technology. Each entry includes a functional description of a device (what it is and how it works) as well as particulars on who invented it and how its design has evolved over the years. Devices are grouped according to their habitats?in the conference room, hanging from the ceiling, or connected to a computer?to assist in quick and easy identification. Solving office mysteries, such as why telephone keypads have their ones in the upper left corner while calculator keypads place the ones in the lower left corner, this fascinating resource decodes the often confusing technological landscapes of everyday offices.

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Titre : A Field Guide to Office Technology
Auteur : Sobey, Ed
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Date de publication : 2014/11/06
ISBN : 9781613741740
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