Transhumanism, science Merchants and the Future of Man

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The author proposes a synthesis of the ideas of « Transhmanism » and critical analyzes inspired by a refreshing Bergsonism. He writes to take a part in the debate on the futur of humanity, sparked by the scientific-philosophical movement that bears this name, started in the United States and which is beginning to move the European intelligentsia. He also writes to sensitize an african opinion far unaware of these preoccupations that concern all humankind.

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Titre : Transhumanism, science Merchants and the Future of Man
Éditeur : Harmattan
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Philosophie
Langue : Français
Nombre de pages : 154
Date de publication : 2018/04/05
Date de publication papier : 2018/04/03
ISBN : 9782140084577
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